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Expand Rape Limitations in all 50 States

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I was RAPED/MOLESTED at the age of 3 by my father until the age of 13.

I was RAPED/MOLESTED at the age of 8 by my maternal grandfather until the age of 16.

My PROBLEM is that due to being afraid of being told that I am a liar, slut, whore and god knows whatever else someone can come up with about me would be said. I was AFRAID that know one would believe me and so do thousands of men and women who have gone through the same thing. 

"What were you wearing?" "What were you doing to provoke them?" "I know them, they would never have done the things you are claiming." Some examples rape survivors have to hear. It is disgusting. HOW CAN A 3 YEAR OLD CHILD PROVOKE HER FATHER INTO CLIMBING INTO BED WITH HER WHILE SHE SLEEPS AND PUTTING HIS HANDS DOWN HER UNDERWEAR. HOW CAN AND 8 YEAR OLD PROVOKE HER GRANDFATHER INTO HIM PULLING OFF HER CLOTHES AND PERFORMING SEXUAL INTERCOURSE/ACTIONS UPON HER.

My goal, is to help survivors who are still dealing, coping, and struggling to come out and face the people who hurt them. Everyone needs justice. If someone is murdered that case is opened forever; it never closes unlike how rape survivors have only 5 years to come out and seek help. IT IS APPALLING!  

I was lucky enough to be able to put only ONE man behind bars for what he has done to me and that was my grandfather. Now due to "not being able to prove that he molested me before the age of 13, he was only able to serve a 5 year sentence" Yes, because 5 years is the best they can do for a teenager who has emotional and psychological damage. Who wakes up with their heart racing; having very vivid dreams of the men who tortured them all of their life raping them again over and over. Night after night. 

My father on the other hand was always in and out of my life. Being so young and the abuse being very inconsistent I couldn't remember the last time he had actually molested me so therefore I couldn't get justice. From what I have been told, he has been living with a women and her own two sons. He is a registered sex offender already in the state of Ohio for something that has happened years ago that I believe happened before my mother knew him. She (the woman he was currently living with) confronted him about the accusations of him molesting me, but not only me but my 4 other sisters as well. HE BROKE DOWN "CRYING" CONFESSING IT ALL TO HER! THAT IS ADMISSION OF GUILT AND COULD BE TRIED IN COURT.

Due to some unrelated life events that have happened my father is currently on the run, hiding from the cops on a domestic assault charge after hitting his girlfriend (the woman from before) and I just can't help myself into thinking "What could have I done?" I have so much guilt for not telling sooner and not knowing where he is SCARES ME. He could be potentially molesting someone else's daughters or sons while the parents are at work. I feel like I could've done more.

I shouldn't have this guilt on my shoulders but I do and so do many other victims for not coming out sooner or coming out at all. They blame themselves for another child being put into harms way by not speaking up and that is WRONG. They did NOTHING wrong. I want to change that. 

By expanding or getting rid of the 5 year limitation on rape and making it always an open case just like murder; it gives access to the survivors who have built up enough courage to tell their story. To be heard. To have justice. Why should someone be left out in the dust if they are too young and scared or have came out just a tad too late on speaking up? Where is our civil liberties? We deserve equal representation. 

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