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Equal Rights for Trans People

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          Donald Trump recently with drawled all rights for all transgender/sexual people to use gender neutral washrooms.  This is not only an act against a certain kind of people, this is discrimatory to many that identify other than their assigned sex. Everyone is affected by this. No individual should feel uncomfortable going to the bathroom. I am transgender. I do not identify as a female. I do not feel comfortable using a female bathroom. I am not the only one. In result to this devastating withdrawal, many transgender/sexual people that I know personally feel thoughts of death, like they're country is going against them. They feel they are not valid and have to be a girl or a boy. This is an act bigger than ever and simply cannot continue. The generation is growing and we are growing into acceptance and new terms. It isnt just straight and gay or girls and boys. Our world is changing rapidly and if an individual can't adapt to that change quickly, they simply should not be in charge of a whole nation. If you support LGBTQAI+ show you care and sign this petition. Put the rights back in place, for all. 

-Vespera Black, 15

Grade 10 Student of Milton District High School. ON, Canada 

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