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End The Penny

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      The U.S. penny has been a pinnacle of American Currency since the foundation of our nation. However, due to todays inflation, its time has drawn to a close. The penny costs more to produce than its worth. This not only jabs a hole into our economy but into everyday Americans as well. Is the millions upon millions of dollars lost each year worth the commemoration? 

    The change should be swift and easy. I call on our national government to cease the production of these worthless zinc chips and open a process to melt them down. Tax is not a problem either. For example, lets say the total is $1.93, the chasier would simply round down to $1.90 in benefit of the customer. If the price is $1.96 it would round up to $2.00 in benefit of the Government. This way it is fair to everyone! 

    Multiple attempts to make this a success have failed. Our government is brushing this aside when its such an easy bill. Lets let the silent majority be heard and have a say in OUR economy. Its time to Ratify! 

Call your local officials and push this straight to President Trumps desk! 

Benevolent Regards,

Alec Kridner


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