End Congressional Business As Usual During Government Shutdowns

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Today is the twentieth day of the government shutdown that began on December 22, 2018. Unfortunately it has potential to become the longest government shutdown in American history.

400,000 federal employees have been placed on an unpaid furlough, while another 400,000 continue to work in “essential” positions without receiving a paycheck.

Yet the politicians are continuing business as usual in Washington. This petition is geared to changing the rules in Washington, to remind our elected officials that they work for the people!

Please sign of you believe that
During government shutdowns congress would not be able to hold business as usual legislative sessions, hearings or any other day to day operations until the government is reopened. They would also not be allowed to adjourn and leave Washington on weekends or holidays if all or parts of the government remain closed, and employees are furloughed and going unpaid!

Demand accountability from our elected officials!