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Death penalty for Sexual Predators!

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This change will impact all of society.  This is a true women's issue.  If we as a society truly value our women, our children, and all innocent lives, why do we insist on trying to rehabilitate the most vile members of society?  Why do we insist that, contrary to all the research, Rapists, Child Molesters, and Sex Traffickers will ever be rehabilitated, or that they deserve the chance to be.

This petition is to create a Federal law that gives a mandatory death penalty to anyone convicted of Rape, Child Molestation, or any portion of Sex Trafficking. State in the law that the death penalty must be carried out within 6 months of the conviction. Further state that no appeals will be granted except for new and exculpatory evidence. 

(This law will not affect other sex crimes like flashing, stalking, harassment, etcetera.  It is for the worst of the worst reprobates.  But, we would like to see stronger sentencing and higher civil liability for all sexually driven crimes.)

In putting these predators in prison for a few years, then letting them back into society, our justice system is virtually insuring that they will have more victims.  If, however, they are put to death within 6 months of their conviction, they will have no more victims.  For each one removed from the Earth, this could mean 1 to 10 innocent victims who are never victimized.  One to ten families, that never have to go through that.  This is the women's issue of our time.  Show our women and children that they are treasured, and protected in our society.

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