CPS, DHS, Family Courts: Who Are They There For?

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I want to outreach to those who have noticed the corrupt guidelines and structure of how DHS and CPS operates. I also want to speak out to those who have been undeniably disappointed in Family Court. I believe strongly that certain policies need to be reviewed and improved vastly as things continue to slip through the cracks and children continue to suffer.

Parents are using alienation as a tool to gain custody by using excuses such as “they never visit or call” to prove or gain primary custody. When behind the scenes, that parent is causing the blatant interference and making this other parent miss out on their child’s life. Malicious Parent Syndrome is a form of mental and emotional abuse that parents are using to tear relationships apart as a source of their own personal hatred toward that opposing parent. CPS and DHS need to stand up and start looking into abuse issues that are causing long term damage to children. 

I know my family is not the only one to ask who DHS/CPS "really works for". Between children being ripped from safe, stable homes with no evidence of abuse - all the way to caseworkers refusing to place the child into a safe and stable home even with a pile of evidence showing that abuse is occurring. Before I begin on my specific life details on how DHS and CPS has impacted my life, I want readers of this petition to understand that I really want to focus on the agency as a whole.

I want to support and encourage men, women, parents, and grandparents to share their stories with me about their experiences with these agencies. The stronger our voices, the stronger the change can be with these situations. This agency was designed SPECIFICALLY to keep our children safe. It was NOT designed as a tool for parents to use against each other in efforts to "win custody battles". It is an agency that is supposed to help children have their voice be heard and get the help they need obtained. Whether DHS/CPS has taken your children away from you with a lack of evidence or they simply refuse to get involved when there is abuse evidence, I want to hear the stories. These agencies need to recognize that "abuse" is not only limited to physical abuse. Children are experiencing mental and emotional abuses daily that DHS/CPS overlook because they are not criminal offenses.

My personal story begins about four years ago. To make it a short one - I was in the middle of a 5 year drawn out custody battle with my son's biological father. A full psychological custody study was performed that weighed very heavily in my favor. He decided (3 weeks before our final trial) that he would call DHS and state falsely that there was abuse occurring in my home with my fiancée. DHS took his call seriously (regardless of his large criminal background and our ongoing custody dispute) and decided to create an investigation that lasted well over 8 months. Within the first two weeks of this investigation – two lie detector tests were performed (passed), a psychological evaluation (normal and not aggressive in any nature), home visits, proof of medical doctor visits, etc took place willingly by my family. Five medical professionals stated on the record that there are no signs that even come close to abuse occurring between anyone within our home. DHS ruined my fiance's relationship with my son by forcing my fiancée to move out of our family home for eight months.  

During this time period my fiancee was unable to see his own daughter because of this open investigation. His daughter's mother saw this opportunity as an open tool for their custody litigation. My fiancee was told to move out of our family home forcing us to be away from each other. We were told that if we refused to follow this rule created by DHS then we would never see either of our children ever again. DHS took all of the evidence and then “sat on it” for the following 7 months before calling and apologizing that it took too long and was closed out as unfounded.

I obviously gained full custodial rights to my son, all decision making, and his father then “left the picture” and no longer visited for nearly two years before he decided to start showing up again.

The other side of my experience are multiple incidents that have occurred with my own step daughter. My step-daughter lived with my fiancée (now husband) and I 50% of the time and 50% with her biological mother. A psychological custody study was also performed for that custody trial which weighed very heavily in father’s (my husband) favor. This study stated that Mother was psychologically unstable and was not able to speak truths as she tends to live in an "adverse reality". Biological mother gained custody regardless of these documents within Family Court. Why? Because she was able to say that she was the primary parent to care for their daughter. Although, the only reason why Father had to step aside was because he was forced to by DHS. The parental alienation that further continues by Mother not involving Father in any events whatsoever of my step daughter has continued over the years. 

Shortly after the first court hearing ended, my step daughter began returning to us with odd bruising which we asked mother about. Mother would either ignore or deny seeing any bruising at all saying we were making up lies. We took photos and provided proof to DHS for months. We began taking my step daughter into medical facilities to be examined where the MD reported to DHS/CPS about the concerns. Especially once my step daughter started discussing details of who was harming her and with what. Now, I know what you are thinking. An MD reported, and that would be taken seriously within their department. WRONG. Case was closed within 72 hours, even after mother gave three different excuses and changed her story in writing three times, to how my step daughter received her black eye and suspicious bruising.

Another time, a medical doctor actually wrote a note stating the child was so sick in mother’s care that she needed to stay with father in order to get better and healthy again. Meaning so far, we have two different medical professionals reporting neglect and abuse and DHS dismissing them. A mandatory reporter called in about my step daughter and her extensive stories about being left home alone at night at her Mothers, describing the scenarios in great detail. DHS states there is no way to prove these occurrences (regardless of the child telling them herself) in order to suggest anything. 

Their only advice is to keep taking photographs and journalling the incidents that continue to occur. Meaning they were no longer choosing to look into any allegations, but we should “keep at it”. A year later, Mother is reported in again for medical neglect. My step daughter was behind on immunizations, well-child check ups, had re-occurring illnesses that she is not seen for, physicians request Mother to have child receive tonsillectomy for over two years to resolve re-occurring dangerous fevers and yet all of these patterned habits of neglect and abuse are overlooked once again. 

Now, keep in mind the person who was given custody to my stepdaughter has neglected to give proper medical treatment to this child repeatedly for over four years now. A psychological report also stated she is psychologically unstable. Does DHS want to dig into this? Do they care to hear that every time this child knows she has to return to her Mother's house she urinates all over herself at an age of six? Do they care to listen about how she gets grounded for having fun at her Father's house when she returns to her Mother? Or that she has four beds in her bedroom because her her Mother has a repetitive cycle of men throughout her home and those men have children that need somewhere to sleep during the night while they participate in adult activities? No, because they deem the "custodial parent" is good enough and that she is a WOMAN, and no woman ever mistreats a child. They have an idea in their head, that only Fathers and Men commit those neglect and abuse actions.

Ignoring emotional and mental abuse is detrimental to young children and has higher adverse affects on their psychological well-being than physical abuse has. Parental Alienation is an attempt for one parent to turn the child against the other parent. It causes huge psychological impacts on children that can last an entire lifetime.  So why would DHS not consider these types of abuse concerning?

These mindsets and assumptions of a child being safe if they are not “physically abused” need to cease! Mental and Emotional well being should be considered a factor within DHS Investigations. Additionally, a child's life and how they are treated should never be based off of whether they are cared for by a man or woman. Letting a child's severe medical issues be neglected and then the Father being punished for seeking out medical care is wrong. This system is wrong. 

So here just within my family, we have two vastly different situations. One where DHS ripped a child away from a family for 8 months with NO evidence and a situation with MEDICAL EVIDENCE of abuse and NO plan of action created. So here I ask all readers, signers, parents and grandparents, or even friends who have seen families torn apart by these agencies to put their voice out there. Be strong enough to tell your story and sign this petition to help these agencies realize these actions are not acceptable!

Let us be the change, let children be safe! Email stories after signing petition:  artisanloft@yahoo.com  

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