Congressional Accountability and Verification Act

Congressional Accountability and Verification Act

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Brian Conway started this petition to U.S. House of Representatives and

The United States is a beacon of hope for the world.  Our government has roots in Ancient Greece and Rome.  From their trials and errors, a new democracy was born:  American Democracy.  Our unique political system elects representatives to represent us on issues that we deem important.  For far too long this system has grown unchecked.  The current political and social upheaval in our country demands that we place important safeguards in place to demand accountability and transparency in order to ensure that those we send to Washington, D.C. are, in fact and verifiably, performing their duties independently and without outside influence.  This proposal begins to address this by doing the following:

1.  Creating and implementing a system where every bill is housed for the sole purpose of documenting the amount of time that senators and representatives spend engaged in the reading of the bill.  This system will require unique logins on member only computers, track the time spent engaged with the bill, and score each members level of engagement.  

2.  Creating and implementing a transparent system to report to each congresspersons constituents their members individual scores on each bill that comes up prior to allowing that member to vote on the proposed bill.  

3.  Requiring each senator and representative to report their engagement time including time spent in Washington, D.C. with working on legislation the following areas:

A.  Issues specific to the home state.

B.  Promoting the issues important as deemed by campaign promises by a congresspersons campaign.

C.  Number of hours spent:

1.  In Session and present

2.  In session, not present

3.  In session, in D.C., but not present 

4.  In session, not present, in meeting or committee

5.  In session, not present, in state working

6.  In session, not present, in state not working

7.  Time spent away from D.C. while in session

8.  Time spent away from D.C. and state while in session

9.  Time spent meeting with constituents

10.  Breakdown of demographics of who from home state was met with.  Disaggregated.

11.  Other as deemed appropriate and that increases transparency.

3.  Creating a timeline of engagement activities that every member of congress must demonstrate participation in prior to voting on any legislation.  These activities can include but are not limited to the following:

1.  Time spent with those who the legislation will directly impact.

2.  Time spent with those the legislation will indirectly impact.

3.  Time spent engaged with NON partisan experts in the field of the legislation.  
4.  Time spent engaged with reading academic articles by documented non-partisan experts who both oppose and support the legislation 

5.  Time spent Engaged in open discourse with members constituents

6.  Time spent engaged in radio interviews, television interviews, podcast interviews, etc. with a variety of partisan and non-partisan media personalities.

7.  Other as deemed appropriate in order to facilitate transparency.

4.  Creating And funding an independent organization to serve as accountability oversight and reporting to both report and study necessary improvements, modifications, and timely and accurate reporting to the people.  

The importance of this proposal is to ensure the American voter is being represented under the oath each member took upon being granted office by their constituents.  We, the people, demand and deserve this level of accountability.  We demand accountability in education, medicine, law, and now we demand a system designed by the people, for the people, with the necessary improvements additions, and modifications necessary to achieve our goals.  

I ask, humbly, that you work with me on this proposal for the benefit of all current and future citizens of this country.  

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