Congress CENSURE Trump calling journalists bad people and our enemy.

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We are living in dangerous and frightening times. President Trump's rhetoric at his rallies, and his frequent reckless tweets  are intended to enrage his supporters and critics, promote hate and endanger real people who for the most part are doing their jobs, and sometimes living their lives, under increasingly difficult conditions. 

I have seen the results of this myself, having reported hateful abuse, sickening smears, lies and threats of violence on social media. Some of the most hateful content on social media have been manufactured and amplified by trolls and bots from other countries.

I believe people have harmed and some have died, in part, due to Trump's promotion of hate. I greatly fear that more violence will be inspired by Trump.

Congress has an obligation to speak up, to take action to condemn the promotion of hate. To not do so is to give tacit approval. Individually please speak up. Better yet call him out together and help heal some of the serious harm we are suffering.

Trump's words damage us all, not just here at home in the USA, but all around the world. World leaders hear them too. they know. They know when you are too timid to stand up for decency and freedom. Take a stand against hate.