Concurrent Resolution - To Provide Non-Discriminatory Faith Group Practices for the Asatru Faith Inside Prison

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Thank you all for getting involved! This petition, should it be successful will move forward to my local Representative in the House. A Concurrent Resolution can be introduced in either house and doesn't go to the president for signature. It isn't a bill and doesn't create any law. Usually, concurrent resolutions are used to express facts, principles, and opinions of the two houses. After being passed by both houses, concurrent resolutions are transmitted to the U.S. archivist rather than the president. In the House, they are designated H.Con.Res. and in the Senate, S.Con.Res. Many people dismiss concurrent resolutions as having no teeth because a "sense of resolution" has no power behind it. It's merely an expression of opinion and usually reflects the lowest common denominator: For example, "It is the sense of the House and Senate that all Americans should support Motherhood and Apple Pie." One example in the 107th Congress was S. Con.Res. 44, resolving that, in light of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, the House and Senate paid tribute to those who died and those who survived the attack. This resolution didn't enact a law, but it expressed a congressional sentiment. However, dismissing the role that concurrent resolutions can play would be a mistake, especially as part of an overall lobbying campaign. When effectively used to show the sentiments of the Congress where a particular cause or measure is concerned, concurrent resolutions can lead to real legislation, can warn opponents of the strength behind a measure, and can encourage supporters inside and outside Congress. So when we have enough signatures this, and all relevant information tied to it will be compiled together and presented to a House Rep. Hopefully they will see that there is support behind this measure and can lobby Congress to force State and Federal cooperation. It is a lengthy process, but just know that we are not going to let it go away. Thanks again for your support.

Jimmy Dean
6 years ago