Concurrent Resolution - To Provide Non-Discriminatory Faith Group Practices for the Asatru Faith Inside Prison

I have personallly experienced mistreatment, civil rights violations, discriminatory practices directly towards my race and faith, and unfair treatment in every aspect by the Florida Prison system in regards to Odinic services, approved sponsors, recieving donated religous materials, my religion being deemed a "security threat group", harrasment in, around, going to and coming from my religous practices and just a general backlash against my faith and people at Apalachee C.I., Dade C.I., Martin C.I., Jackson C.I., Graceville work camp, Hamilton C.I. main unit and annex and that's just right off the top of my head. Muslims, Jews, Hebrew Israelites, and various other religions who also may or may not be composed of documented gang memebers and may or may not be the opposite end of the spectrum but 10 times worse as far as ignorance and bigotry goes and they are catered to and coddled like children. I'm sick of it and my brothers in fetterdom who face constant retaliation for voicing these same opinions are to. Is this country founded by white men, for white men, and still completely funded by tax paying white men and women got so far from it's founders core beliefs that we allow this to continue while homosexuals and miscreants burn our flags and flaunt their atrocities? Have we lost our way so badly? I hope not.

Nicholas Reinhardt, Eustis, FL, United States
6 years ago
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