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Change the Electoral College to votes by congressional district while Obama is in office.

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Change the current Electoral College system to a congressional district method to more accurately reflect citizen votes and popular votes. #MakeCitizenVotesCount

Urge other state representatives to change the winner-takes-all state votes to electoral votes divided by the popular vote winner in each of the state's congressional districts. It would allow state votes to be split according to the popular candidate for each congressional district and not allow marginal winners to take all the state votes in future presidential elections.

See if this system can be quickly implemented using existing state laws and systems.

Evaluate changes to the U.S. Constitution for eliminating the Electoral College entirely and going to a popular vote or at least approving use of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact for future presidential elections. Also evaluate changes to primary candidate selection systems for each political party.


Neither Democrat nor Republican voters were fully satisfied by the 2016 presidential election results using the Electoral College. Most voters would prefer to have their votes count directly and proportionately towards the presidential candidate that they choose, just as their state governor votes go directly towards the governor they prefer.

The current Electoral College system uses electoral candidates that cast winner-takes-all votes in most states and it does not accurately reflect the proportion/ratio of citizen cast votes, nor overall popular votes nationwide. The current Electoral College system does not obligate electoral candidates to cast their vote towards what voters choose, nor are they obligated to support the candidate they are elected to support or to even vote at all.

Making Constitutional changes to get rid of the entire Electoral College system is complicated, but there are existing ways of having states use their congressional districts and cast electoral votes that reflect the popular vote. Existing state legislation would allow for this change to the winner-takes-all system currently being used. It would allow swing states to split their votes instead of allowing candidates with slim majorities to get all of the state's presidential votes.

Changes to have citizen votes more accurately reflected would probably encourage better voter turnout and participation.

This petition is to urge our state representatives to make immediate changes to the current winner-takes-all electoral college system in place in most states.

This petition is also to urge other state representatives to consider future/long term changes to the Electoral College system, such as the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact or Constitutional change to completely eliminate the Electoral College. It will also ask state representatives to consider changes to the primary candidate selection systems in place for each of their political parties, since many voters feel disappointed with the selection process for both the Democratic and Republican Party candidates in the 2016 election and primary selection.

Ideally, all of these changes should be done while Obama is still in office until January 20, 2017 since it will be unlikely to pass after the leadership change with Trump.

It may not be possible to change the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election, but it would allow for changes prior to the next presidential election in 2020.

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