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Change how long it takes for crimes against children to be tried.

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My name is Daniele. This petition is about my daughter Dakota. As hard as her story is for me to tell I feel it needs to be said. Something needs to be done in this country to protect our children and give them as well as ourselves faith in the judicial system. Early last year my daughter ( 10 by this time) finally told someone that she had been being molested. The person that did this was a close friend of the family. He started it when she was eight and continued until a couple of weeks prior to her telling. He had moved away and she finally felt safe enough to say something. An investigation was done in which he not only confessed on a recorded phone call from the jail but also signed a confession. His bond was set at seventy five thousand. In this state (I'm not sure about others) after being incarcerated for a certain amount of time the defendant can request a bond reduction hearing. This person did and was granted a reduction to which his family got together and got him out. I had to tell my child that the person that repeatedly raped her for two years was out until his trial as he would not take the offered plea agreement. Here it is OVER a year later and we are still waiting for a court date. I call all the time to get updates and am told the same thing over and over "it's going to be a while, we have to schedule incarcerated inmates first". It was bad enough that my daughter had to undergo a physical exam as well as telling her story to the police, the doctor, and prosecutor. Then add in her having to get tested for HIV and other STD's at ten years old. But now she is being victimized by our judicial system. Everytime she walks outside she is looking over her shoulder. She walks into a store with me looking behind her the whole time. I have seen her almost walk into walls, doors, displays, and other people because there were men or older (16, 17, 18 +) males walking up behind her. She is the victim she should not have to live like this. At ten years old she should be running around outside playing with her friends, riding bikes, or just going to the park. She can not do any of these things. She used to be such a happy child with not a care in the world and I miss that about her. Now she is guarded with new people especially males. She should be able to walk outside at least knowing that the person that hurt her and threatened to kill her if she told anyone is put away and cannot hurt her again. As long as people are being arrested on a daily basis there is always going to be the excuse of jail overcrowding. Any crimes that involve a child especially this type of crime should be scheduled within a reasonable amount of time. I don't feel that a year or more is reasonable for any reason. Please sign my petition so that our law makers that passed this law can see that there are instances where it doesn't work. We elect them to make decisions that are best for us. Having children walking around in fear because their assailants are walking around free while waiting on a trial for years is NOT BEST FOR US. Thank you.  

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