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As a U.S. Citizen who served my country in the U.S. Navy for 5 years. I request your assistance. My child, an American citizen, is currently being illegally detained in Peru.

In April 2016, my son, Nicholas Johnson was abducted from his home in the US to Peru by his Peruvian mother, Alexandra Gamarra Del Solar. Since then, an arduous legal battle started that has robbed me of my son for over three years with no end in sight, as well as thousands of dollars in legal fees and travel expenses. Although Peru is a signatory of the Hague Convention, it is a country that has been deemed “non-compliant” by the U.S. State Department in matters involving compliance with the aforementioned treaty. There is currently an active INTERPOL Red Notice for Ms. Del Solar’s arrest, yet the Peruvian authorities refuse to hold her accountable for her illicit actions against a U.S. Citizen.

Before the abduction, I was given full custody but believed it was best for Nicholas to have both his parents in his life and agreed to shared custody. This only lasted for three weeks before Ms. Del Solar abducted my son out of the country. For the second time have been awarded full legal and physical custody of my son, yet he remains in Peru. 

In October of 2017, I went to Peru to attend the first hearing in Lima. The judge’s ruling on this case was that Nicholas should be returned to what was corroborated beyond shadow of a doubt as his Habitual Residence in the United States and thus be reunited with me, his father. The judge also ruled that Ms. Del Solar has illegally transported Nicholas and is illegally retaining him. Ms. Del Solar then appealed this initial decision and is making the argument that Nicholas is well-established and that Peru is his new residence. Our next step is to go before the Supreme Court in a process known as Cassation and getting a hearing alone could take up to three years. Nicholas was abducted when he was just four years old and he would be almost ten years old by the time we would even be seen by a judge. 

It took ten months to get a hearing and another ten months to get the judge’s decision for the first hearing; one that ruled in our favor yet my son was still not brought home. There are now two countries that recognize that Nicholas’ home is in the United States and that it is wrong for him to be separated from his father. To add insult to injury, the abducting parent has had the audacity to file for custody in Peru, an action that is prohibited while a Child Abduction case is in process, yet she has done so secretly and with ill-intent in order to confuse the process and tie it up in legal proceedings for years to come.

I need your help to get my son back. I served my country and have upheld the law, now I am respectfully asking that my country step up and help me get my son back home.  How can you help reunite Nicholas with his family and bring him home? As Reverend Dr. King said, “Justice delayed is justice denied.” Three years is already three years too long without my son. Please help.