Bring Haley Meredith home to her mother

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Bring haley Meredith home she has been with her mother for 2 years now because her father didn't want her up until now please support bringing haley home to her wonderful mom and step dad who have been her sole providers ....


Haley was taken back by her father because he refused to get her medical treatment because he would not call his insurance company. He did not disclose that he had medical insurance until she had been treated using her step-fathers medical insurance which is tricare. He got angry because he was called an asked him to get the insurance company to approve her cat scan and medical treatment. When he disclosed he had medical insurance , tricare insurance company which is tricare military has to be billed secondary to . So Haley overheard the phone call between Christopher ( her step father ) and her father Haley stated that she would kill herself if she had to go back to her fathers house. At that point christopher and his wife placed her in emerald coast behavioral hospital. they contacted children and families and they stated that because haley is in the sole custody of her father. Her father picked her up from emerald coast behavioral. She stayed at her fathers one night and then he took her and dropped her off at her grandmothers where she has been there since she was dropped off by her father. Christopher and his wife have been  paying for her food dr appts and medications for the last two years. Her father will not help with anything moneywise. The only reason is because He wants to hurt Christopher and Brandi her mother and he is hurting his daughter. 


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