Bring federal relief for SMALL BUSINESSES & FREELANCERS affected by COVID-19 cancellations

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Small businesses, freelancers, vendors and others of the gig economy have been hit particularly hard by the coronavirus / covid-19 cancellations of events, concerts, sports, business conferences, classes and more.  Many have or will have missed the revenue from their busiest work seasons.  Insurance does not cover or help mitigate these lost revenue opportunities.  Given the nature of the cancellations, most vendors must refund all funds back to clients.

Event planners, video production vendors, photographers, caterers, wait staff, non-union film production crew, florists, adjunct professors and other freelancers who must work on-location at venues are facing months of lost wages.

The government will likely help large businesses such as airlines, hotel chains, banks and energy companies - but what about small business and gig workers?

We, the undersigned, are seeking:

  • A personal income tax exemption (for all 2020 income) for affected gig workers, freelancers, event & education contractors and small businesses resulting in no federal income tax or self-employment tax due on the first $250,000 of revenue.
  • Interest-free small business loans for 1 to 3 years to keep affected small businesses (such as restaurants, event vendors, et al.) running until revenue normalizes and operational-expenses can be paid back
  • $1000 a month, tax-free basic income for out-of-work, non-salaried teachers & adjunct professors until the fall semester (or their classes resume, whichever comes last) for those who do not qualify for unemployment benefits
  • 12 weeks of unemployment benefits for affected freelancers, contractors and small business owners that can show a direct correlation between COVID-19 closures & cancellations and lack of income
  • The option to obtain MediCare / MedicAid for out-of-work freelancers for the rest of 2020 who cannot afford their insurance due to lost revenue