An End Modern Day Slavery in Prisons

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Our mission is to raise awareness for prisoners in America not being paid fairly for their labor.

We plan to  

  1. To bring awareness to their poor working conditions
  2. To educate the people about how they’re unfairly paid
  3. To Educate people on how damaging solitary confinement is to prisoners mental health 

The 13th amendment had abolished slavery but there is a hole in it because it states “except as a punishment for crime”. Also the Federal Prison requires prisoners to work in the are in good enough condition. Prisoners have 2 types of labor. There is regular kitchen and laundry duty. For their labor they are paid less than $1 a day. But there is also contracted work. They manufacture mattresses, road signs and uniforms. 

Big companies from Bank of America to Wendy’s profit from contracted prison labor. You may have even bought or seen an item manufacture by prisoners. Walmart sells produce from prison farms. Those lovely uniforms you’ve seen on McDonald’s employees have been made by prisoners. At&t has even used prisoners at their call center.

Prisoners have no choice in whether they do work even if they’re working in dangerous conditions. If they refuse to work they’ll be punished and sent to solitary. Prisons house over 80,000 prisoners each year. Housing inmates in solitary cost 3 times more money than in a regular cell.

Researchers have began to see the effect of solitary on prisoners. Many prisoners have reported hypertension, experiencing insomnia and heart palpitations. Many researchers believe solitary confinement is considered harmful to the mental health of inmates because of how it restricts social contact. They believe the longer the prisoners are in solitary the more it will worsen prisoners mental health.

Our country has turned a blind on what is going on in the prisons in America. We think solitary is not only hurting prisoners and has dangerous outcomes. We believe we should help educate people on what is going on in the prisons not just for the prisoners but for their families too.


Sign this petition to demand that Congress revisit the 13th Amendment and revise The amendment so the Constitution the abolishes free prison labor and help limit solitude.