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Stop Appearance Discrimination (Amendment of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964)

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We call on our government to stop the discrimination against potential and current employees based on appearance. We request that we not be turned away or asked to hide or change our features, henceforth known as lifestyle choices, such as piercings, tattoos, body modifications, hair colors and hairstyles that give us our sense of self and individualism.

Just as we are not to be discriminated because of our skin, religion, sex, or national origin we shall not be discriminated against for the way we look based on another's personal opinions.

Our lifestyle choices do not inhibit our ability to perform our duties nor do they harm anyone. Our society should move past any and all discrimination and hatred of others for how they look. The way we choose to express ourselves through our lifestyle choices does not reflect who we are as human beings and it should not be held against us.

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(If a body piercing or modification is a matter of safety in which jewelry could become tangled or caught on equipment the employee should be allowed to switch out hoop jewelry with stud jewelry which does not dangle and cannot snag. If a visible tattoo contains offensive material such as nudity it should then be hidden from view of customers and other employees.)

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