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Ban Abortion, Protect All Unborn Human Life!

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Since 1973, abortion has been legal. It has been named a choice, a reproductive right and healthcare It is now seen as an essential service and right for women. An entire generation has grown up with abortion being legal. Get the facts here.  Abortion is often seen as a solution to a wide variety of social ills as well as to personal problems. Yet abundant evidence suggests otherwise. Abortion has only aggravated both our social and personal illes. This is because abortion is the taking of innocent unborn human life. We can't heal ourselves as a society by killing our children. We can't heal ourselves by killing our babies. Visit this website to see all the damage that abortion does. The objection that will come up is that women need Planned Parenthood. This is not true! It need not be true. We can end abortion without denying any woman any of the health care she needs. Get the facts here.

Here are the steps to doing this:

1). Overturn Roe vs. Wade

2). Strip Planned Parenthood of government funds

3). Re-direct government funds to the estimated 13,000 comprehensive health clinics that serve women and families.

4). Legislate temporary foster care for those facing unplanned pregnancies to las no more than two years--as an alternative to abortion.

5). Strengthen existing adoption laws and increase adoption subsidies for qualified adoptive parents.


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