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Let the Phoenix Rise on Reparations

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Why does the word "reparations" seem to suck the oxygen right out of the room? "Ack!"

In order for this country to free its soul, we have got to address the gross injustice that forever burdens our society: our historic and abhorrent treatment of African Americans.

This is something so concretely owed and yet thus far relentlessly and bitterly avoided en masse. Denial, blaming the victims, or, more subtly, asserting a prohibitive complexity in the make up and distribution of reparations are not ethical stratagems. They create further suffering.

It is important to note that reparations are not a voluntary matter, but a part of international law in order to redress human rights violations.

We will never be able to reconstruct the slaughtered lives historically lost within the black community, but we do owe for the destruction we or past generations have caused.

It is essential that we step up and affirm, "Reparations!" It is essential that we follow the law. Otherwise we must continue to swim in an endless sea of hypocrisy that simply can't be sustained; our life jackets are too worn.

Please sign this petition requesting that Congress or the courts seriously address and bring about reparations. Our country can never be set free without it.


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