Abolish the Tyranny of State Family Courts and Enact Federal Legislation That Provides Strong Procedural Protections to Families and Makes Child Sexual Abuse a Federal Crime in the States and U.S. Territories

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Abolish the Tyranny of State Family Courts and Enact Federal Legislation That Provides Strong Procedural Protections to Families and Makes Child Sexual Abuse a Federal Crime in the States and U.S. Territories

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Karin Wolf started this petition to U.S. House of Representatives and

Karin Wolf has brought an action under The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) and 42 USC §1983 to combat fraud and vindicate federal constitutional rights in State Court. U.S. District Court, Newark, Case No. 14-cv-5985, Wolf v. Escala, et al.

Family Courts across the country are running an Enterprise, through a calculated system of social engineering and fraud; and dealing in obscene matters of human trafficking, child pornography and child prostitution, for motives both economic and non-economic.

Parents often find themselves subject to a Kafkaesque existence where there is no transparency. Family courts operate like criminal courts, yet with no procedural protections. Criminals have more rights than parents.

The destruction of civil and constitutional rights by Family Courts is inimical to society as a whole, is anti-American and therefore treason.

This violates Human Rights Treaties - the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Family Court operates on a “pay to play” level to predetermine the “winner” without due process. It promotes “conflict for cash” and engages in emotional blackmail and extortion. Family court players collude, conspire, scheme and falsify facts and law to benefit themselves financially, harass and oppress families, put children in crisis, inflict emotional distress upon families, and engage in Schadenfreude.

Their actions cause depression, problems in interpersonal relationships, suicide, homicide, and many other inflictions and adverse outcomes that affect society and global commerce (Center for Disease Control, Adverse Childhood Experiences study).

Family Courts siphon their victims’ funds and assets and are aligned with the banking industry. They manipulate court proceedings to put families in untenable financial predicaments, resulting in countless bankruptcies, foreclosures, loss of retirement savings, grandparents' nest eggs, children's college funds, etc., which have attributed to the fall of the American economy.

By allowing Family Courts to run amok in a calculated anarchy, the government fails to act in the best interest of their constituents, administering to them the proverbial stab-in-the-back.

Family Courts deliberately protract custody cases, placing families in untenable emotional predicaments to wear them down. Children grow fast; when trial courts do not act expeditiously as they are required and appellate courts are even slower, it presents a quagmire, a Catch-22. When courts fail to act with integrity, it is foremost burdensome to the child and inimical to their development, health, and well-being. It is nothing short of child abuse.

State Appellate and Supreme Courts are duplicitous, as they essentially “rubber-stamp” the corruption in the lower courts. This occurs at the phenomenal and irreparable emotional, financial, and constitutional expense and damage of families.

DCF and Child Protective Services are part of this Enterprise and engage in a pattern of racketeering as they have sadistically terrorized parents, taken their children away without legitimate reason and unconscionably placed children in foster homes where the children were and continue to be sexually, physically, and psychologically abused even as one sits here reading this. They have a financial incentive to do so, given that they receive government funding for every child they place.

Child sexual abuse is not normally a Federal crime - only when it's on Federal soil such as an Army base. This is an outrage. Sexual predators get away with it, especially in Family Court because it's court-licensed abuse.

Child sexual abuse should be a Federal crime, period.

The interests of children should be of paramount importance, but have given way to an abomination of a cottage industry exploiting children for profit and bankrupting the American public. It affects all of us because our civil and constitutional rights as a whole are being destroyed and we are becoming a Police State, if we're not one already. It is happening in family courts across America, the implications of which are pivotal to the future of this country.

Family Court has become an atrocity and it is unthinkable, yet an absurd fact that it is self-policing. Put best by the Roman poet Juvenal, “Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” (Satire VI, lines 347–8) or in English, “Who will guard the guards themselves?”

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This petition had 779 supporters