Abolish Selective Service

Abolish Selective Service

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A national commission chaired by Brig. Gen. Joe Heck wants to expand the selective service registration mandate to women and all able-bodied Americans 18- to 26-years old.  Failing to register like males of that age would carry criminal penalties.

This is a bogus attempt to create a redundant, cabinet-level selective service czar to manage an unnecessary  "insurance policy" that would cost billions of dollars despite the historic fact that the all-volunteer Army has worked successfully for 47 in concert with the reserve components and evolving high-tech war-fighting capabilities.

Here's our letter to members of the House Armed Services Committee:

May 1, 2020


The Honorable Congressman ;


  “Greetings,” from some of the Last Draftees. That’s how the letter began from the Selective Service System a half century ago that went out to 1.8 million conscripts during the Vietnam War including us — three of the last U.S. citizens drafted for military service.

    We have taken it upon ourselves to write a book about our experiences and why the Selective Service System should be abolished. 

     This book is in direct opposition to the recommendations in a national commission’s report to the House Armed Services Committee. The committee must decide whether to expand the selective service registration mandate to women and all Americans 18- to 26-years-old or abolish the selective service system altogether.

     From our vantage point as some of the people who were actually conscripted and therefore know how lopsided and unfair the process is, we strongly oppose any forced-servitude for any American as it violates the premise of this country’s foundation to afford “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.” Put simply, it is unconstitutional.

    We went to great lengths to explain this in our historical novel, Last Draftees. Our commitment to abolishing the draft and its system is laid out in detail in our website, LastDraftees.com. Please take a look and see for yourself.

    Among the many reasons we oppose this commission other than the unconstitutionality of it, is the make-up of this basically all-white panel that was tasked in 2017 to grapple with equality issues. Those issues surfaced in court cases that in today’s society, with women serving in combat roles, discriminates by requiring only males to register. Failing to do so comes with criminal penalties.

     This 10-member panel plus its chairman, Brig. Gen. Joe Heck, known as the National Commission on Military, National and Public Service, does not include a single African-American or Hispanic, Asian-American or Native-American. What can be more prejudiced than that? As such any recommendations that it makes is tainted, because it fails to have a voice of the most-likely to be conscripted minorities as history has shown.

     Aside from the lack of a cost-analysis of what expanding selective service would really entail — one of the gaping holes in this report —  the panel fails to recognize that without a doubt the all-volunteer military in concert with today’s high-tech warfare systems has worked successfully for 47 years.  Why change? Therefore, pouring billions of dollars into expanding selective service as an “insurance policy” as well as create a new cabinet position as the panel recommends is totally unwarranted.

    We humbly request now that you set aside this commission’s costly report by striking down the existing law, 50 U.S.C. App. 451 et seq., and replace  it with “The Abolish Selective Service Act of 2020.”

     Thank you for taking the time to hear our side.

     Very respectfully some of the last draftees,

      - signed -

Keith Rogers

Robert Foust

Willie McTear


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At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!