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2nd Amendment Supporters Demanding Progress on Gun Control

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I am deeply concerned about gun control in the USA.  As a father of two young children the recent tragedy in Kentucky has grown my fear for my family.  Every time we go to the movies or other public places I scan for the best plan to move to safety should we be victims of a mass shooting.  This was not a part of parenting when I was a child. Looking back to the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012 it is hard to believe nothing has been done to improve gun control in our nation.  I am a gun owner.  I believe in the second amendment.  However, it is very clear that the current regulatory environment for gun control is not working.  I do not have the knowledge to propose how to make our country safer but continuing under the current regulatory environment makes zero sense to me and nearly everyone I know.  It is shocking to see our lawmakers’ inability to make any progress since Sandy Hook, the Aurora theatre massacre and all of the other tragedies including the Las Vegas massacre.  I implore you to do something to help our nation regarding gun violence. 

 What have you done in this aspect of your role ?  What do you plan to do?  What can I do as a citizen to encourage our lawmakers to help keep me, my family and our entire nation safer?

 I look forward to your leadership and guidance to find a safer way to support the second amendment and reduce the unacceptable violence the gun lobby has brought to our wonderful nation.  Please take action now.  Please.

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