2nd Amendment Rights. Fight against "Assault Weapon Ban" bill (H.R. 5087)

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                We, the law abiding American Citizens are absolutely flabbergasted by the notion of our U.S Government plotting to infringe on our constitutional rights. This petition is not to attack one party or another, it is simply to prevent the "American" party from being attacked and left defenseless. 

                 Until this point, the gun ban was nothing more than an argument. By introducing bill H.R 5087 and upon reviewing it, it is very clear that this is the first step to disarming all Americans. We understand the series of gruesome events that took place that pushed this bill into motion but this is NOT the answer! Virtual President Bill Whittle made a very good point about gun control, 

"You know, there are two kinds of animals in this world: predators, and prey.

No one watches a leopard chase down a gazelle and denies that the gazelle has a right to use it’s hooves and horns to protect itself from the predator. But there
are people in this room tonight, and across the country, who would deny that same right to self-defense to other human beings. Such people seem to think that the way to stop the leopard is to cut the horns off of the gazelle – that by somehow making it easier for the predator, the predator will somehow go away. This is insane. When you make it easier for the predator – you get more predators."

                This is an indisputable point about this bill. By heavily restricting our 2nd Amendment right the government places the power and the future of it's people, the American people, in the hands of the criminals and worse yet, foreign countries. We need to stop this  from happening. We need to all come together, democrats, republicans, men, women and people of all races to find the root cause of why people are picking up these items and turning them into "assault weapons" while keeping the American public safe in the process. 

               I can not speculate on what will happen for sure if this bill passes but what I do know, is our government is going to require our brothers and sisters in law enforcement (whom of which are being affected by this bill as well) to stand against a formidable force and the vast majority of the United States of America's population that will not accept this tyranny laying down. You will be forcing us to protect ourselves by means of which are outside the law. I do believe this will be the start of a civil war in America and will  only divide us further when we ultimately need to unify. If we are going to start banning inanimate objects due to death tolls  where these object were merely the tools used to create chaos by individuals who are in need of medical attention, personal affection or simply just made a poor life choice then I think we can start with items such as motorized vehicles, planes, ships, baseball bats, kitchen utensils etc. I can keep going with the list but unfortunately I do not have the time nor would I like to live my life where we have absolutely zero possessions because in the wrong hands just about any item can be used as an "assault weapon".

           I firmly believe and I would like anyone who signs this petition to share this belief; that every legal, law abiding owner of any of the firearms listed in this bill would gladly surrender their firearms if it meant there would NEVER be another gun related crime. That there would never be another mass shooting or homicide. We know however, that this is not the case. There is no evidence that this is true. Where we have already tried to implement similar bans on semi-automatic weapons in select cities (such as Chicago) statistics have proven that these types of bans have ultimately caused the gun related violence to rise dramatically. This relates perfectly to Bill Whittle's statement "When you make it easier for the predator, you get more predators". 


            This part of the message is directly towards our President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald J. Trump. I do not know if you will ever see this petition but I am going to speak to you anyways. You won a great uphill battle to acquire your presidency. This battle was won by standing up against the corruption in our beloved country and promising to "Make America Great again". We believed you, we still believe in you. Please do not let us down on your promise and allow your brothers and sister of our great nation to be divided by the minds of a select few.  A select few that has no source, facts and quite frankly no knowledge of the items they are trying to ban.

         What I ask from my fellow Americans who are just as outraged as I and who are reading this petition is we need to make a direct and couth  statement. There is no need for menacing threats, obsessive yelling and vulgar language. This only drives this bill further into the process. With this being said, we will make our point firm and clear, that we, The American people, will not tolerate any government foreign or domestic to dictate and infringe our rights as American citizens as declared by our United States Constitution. 


This petition was written by concerned American Citizen and ardent patriot;

Robert L. Cloutier      


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