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28th Amendment - Stricter Gun Laws

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Since 2013, there has been one school shooting PER WEEK in the United States. Not all of these are fatal mass shootings, some of them are accidental discharges, but when children can't feel safe in schools it becomes a huge issue. Even if it's an accidental discharge of a weapon, why was there a gun in a school in the first place? Aside from school shootings, mass shootings are still a huge issue with no real change occurring. The second amendment is not clear enough and has not changed with the changing times. Back when it was written, muskets were the guns being used. In 2018, we have people legally buying AR-15 rifles that are not necessary for the average citizen to own whether they own it for hunting, protection, or to collect. Our laws are not changing with the times. AR-15s were used in Aurora, Orlando, Las Vegas, Sandy Hook, Texas Church, San Bernardino, and now Parkland. People should have the right to own a firearm and protect themselves and their families, but we need stricter regulations on what guns can be purchased and owned by the average citizen. Australia put strict laws in place in 1997 following a mass shooting, and since then they have not had to experience a mass shooting. The Australian ban banned certain semi automatic weapons, and some pump action weapons. We need a ban on bump stocks, assault rifles, and any form of automatic weapon whether it is a rifle or a hand gun if we want to see any type of change.

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