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In the U.S. today, gun use and citizens safety has become a huge problem. So far this year a number of mass shooting incidents have happened. With these incidents happening, citizens have been affected and have started to find ways to prevent incidents like these from occurring. There are a few things the government and citizens can do to help their community to have a much safer gun use environment.

Why should the government improve its background checks?
Better background checks will very likely decrease the number of firearm incidents. Since 1991, gun control laws have loosened; societies are moving in the opposite direction of what it should. In the U.S., citizens don’t need a licence to sell firearms from their own collection. Background checks are not needed if citizens purchase through online sales, private sales, or even through some gun shows. Firearm laws is a gray area for law enforcement. It doesn’t have very clear nor strict laws; a lot of the laws don’t have enough coverage, and have a lot of loop holes for criminals to get away. Automobiles killed more people than firearms did, but the government always puts more effort into making driving better and safer for citizens. Since 1921, the rate of deaths caused by car accidents has dropped 95% because the government has put a lot of effort into making travel and roads safe in America. The government should put the same amount of effort into firearms control and laws. The background check system in the U.S. right now is a once a lifetime background check. This is a poor system because people change overtime. To solve this problem, the government should be required to keep up grading the background check information every year. Everyone who purchases a firearm should have their background checked, no matter where they purchase the firearm. In the same way, every seller should be required to have a licence.

Why does safer storage helps citizens to get a safer gun use community?
Safer storage is one of the key strategies to make gun use safer. More than 23,000 firearms have been reported stolen. Some of them could have been used in crimes, and then got hidden away. Some of them could had been sold illegally to other people, even other countries. Safer storage is the key to making sure less firearms get stolen. The fewer firearms that get stolen, the less chance for a crime be committed. Designers should come up with a safe storage box for firearms. Such as build in sensors in the box, connected with the owner’s phone, with required passcode or fingerprint lock. The more effort the government and the citizens puts in, daily firearm use will be safer. The government should require a safe storage box comes with a firearm when it’s purchased.
Why should we use more modern technologies on firearms?
Using more modern technologies could positively help the government and firearm owners in many ways. More and more modern technologies have been used in people’s everyday lives in the past 7 to 8 years. The internet, phone, and computer technologies have been developed very fast and they are getting more powerful. Government and citizens could use these technologies in their everyday gun use. With these technologies, less firearms will get stolen, less crime will be committed, and it can possibly help police detectives solve their cases.
Technologies, such as “Smart guns”, are very helpful for safe firearm use. Some “Smarts guns” will only unlock when its matching bracelet is a certain distance from it, or when a fingerprint/passcode is entered. With today’s technologies, societies can do a lot better. Fingerprint/ passcode required before firearm unlock its trigger, with additional voice lock system. The new “smart gun’ should able to track the number of bullets that had been fired, at what time and what location. With these information, it will help the police to solve cases if the firearm in involved.

If these strategies are developed, it will help citizens have safer communities. Young citizens will able to go to school without worrying about their life being threatened. Gun control is truly a huge problem in the world. With everyone’s help, citizens can develop a better world.

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