Occupational equality for Non-Invasive Aesthetic Professionals

Occupational equality for Non-Invasive Aesthetic Professionals

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We believe that the playing field should be level to all those who wish to service or train in this area, putting aside the dogma that divides any two professions. Allowing for equal opportunities means representing individuals who champion continual professional development. We ensure the use of all equipment is not classified as FDA Medical Devices; we restrict the use of such without a medical director on staff. Equipment used by our members are CE regulated and has been tested in over 20 countries for safety use and classified as non-invasive or Class I device.

In an unregulated industry we would like the opportunity to gain union with all governmental entities and become recognized as the official regulatory board for this industry, we do understand that the board of cosmetology does not hold jurisdiction of any non-invasive services nor equipped with the knowledge or infrastructure to make deciding decisions over this industry. The NMSA is the only association where members have a yearly independent inspectorate with agreement to adhere to the audit of non-invasive aesthetic professionals. 

To protect the public with the proper treatment protocol with-in the scope of practice of non-invasive services only.

The NMSA mission is to offer full transparency within the Non-invasive Aesthetics profession by championing a “Charter of Excellence” for training to National Occupational Standards

Public safety as number one priority at all levels.


Our members are required to complete extensive training which includes the following:

  • CPR

The NMSA is open to be involved with any standard improvements and will be working with like-minded organizations and entities to establish a high quality, controlled performance, transparent standards and a level playing field for all qualified and inspected practitioners and/or training providers of the non-invasive aesthetic industry.

We have established rapport with-in our community when regulations were not established. We offered industry leaders free resources, continuous education, community opportunities, grants and scholarships for opportunities to advance their careers, licensing memberships, accreditation, certification verification, and recognition that set them apart from individuals who do not comply with any regulations both governmental and non-governmental.

We hope for the opportunity to gain union with all decision making officials and become recognized for the implementation we have established in this industry when no regulations are standards were placed.


50 have signed. Let’s get to 100!