Help the world against the Covid 19. We have to stop it urgently

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The spreading of the COVID 19 is much higher than people can imagine. Apart from the over 70.000 people in China, who are probably just the tip of the iceberg, the situation all over the world is surely greater than the governments wants to let us know. It is mandatory that people are protected by their politicians and not just allow this disease to spread, silently allowing it to kill silently.  The president cannot continue to spread silence and not to take action. Do you know that only 426 (four hundreds and twenty six) test have been made in the whole USA? https://

In Italy, which in addition of being a beautiful country is nonetheless one  the more advanced state in the world, with a strong (and totally free) ational health service, they immediately responded to the threat as soon as it appeared in their country. After a SINGLE case which appeared in Northern Italy (Lombardy hospital of Codogno)

The man, a 38 years old, 6 feet high of 180 pounds, good athlethe was first recovered the 19th of February due to respiratory issues and high fever and he was placed in intensive care. After a background check with the past contacts, he was tested and he resulted positive.

Checks were immediately made on ALL people in his family, and all hospital people. So over 200 tests were made for just a single case. 

A total 8 eight people were found positive, three friends, the wife which is pregnant at the 8th month and four people inside the hospital. Three other patients and one nurse. 

After that in ITALY, during one week over eight thousands test have been made, and while roughly fifty thousands people were put under quarantine, they are acting and protecting their people (even with some impopular choices) However a politician said : i do not care about popularity, I want to save lives. 

Now during last month there was over 70 cases of positive people, and in the USA only 426 test were made? In addition 18 (eighteen) people were brought away from the PRINCESS ship, and they resulted POSITIVE to the virus, and brought inside three different hospitals, without any quarantine. How is it possible that the test are so few?