Eliminate Human Trafficking

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Human Trafficking is in global crisis mode. We need strong legislation that eliminates this horrific humanitarian issue. We need laws that punish large U.S, corporations for benefiting by dealing with countries who use allow child and slave labor. We also need to secure our borders and ports from traffickers transporting women and children in and out of the United States. 

This issue keeps growing and growing and is now prevalent throughout America. Without action it will only get worse. Have you ever wondered why there are so many missing women and children? We need to establish safe places throughout the country where victims can escape. We need to identify regions where the activity is the worst. .ie the I5 interstate corridor in the Western United States. We need to target those areas and act to prevent human trafficking. 

There is strength in numbers and if we team up and demand real action, progress can be made. Laws can be written to toughen our countries stance against human trafficking. Events can be held to draw attention to the problem areas throughout the country. People can be taught to identity the signs of human trafficking. Corporations can and should be held accountable!