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Save Innocent Lives: Gun Control Regulations Are a Necessity

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It is not 1791 anymore, it’s 2018. Civilians cannot drive a car without months of training and tests and restrictions to make sure they don’t endanger the lives of others, and yet a 19 year old can buy a military-grade assault weapon and walk into a high school and kill more than 15 people. it seems to be a weekly occurance of mass murders these days and something has got to give. a law banning the ability to buy the guns that were used in the florida school shooting, or las vegas, or any of the mass murders that are happening more than ever. no one should go to school thinking they may die today. a teacher shouldn’t have to think about whether they’re brave enough to take a bullet for their students. a parent shouldnt have to think about whether they’ll be making dinner for their children that night or planning their funeral. you think it isn’t about the guns? tell that to the high school students that had to watch from a closet as their best friend get shot in the head. tell that to the parents of the elementary students who didn’t even know what life had in store for them and their parents who will never get to kiss them goodnight ever again. it is about the guns. it is about the fact that a 19 year old deranged boy is able to obtain a gun that shoots 45 rounds per minute. we can’t control the crazy people, but we can control keeping military weapons out of the hands of crazy people. you need to help me make a difference, or else eventually, it will happen you. we can make a change.

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