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Repeal the Jones Act and Eliminate the Debt in Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is beholden to a law that is suffocating them financially!  The Jones Act is creating inflated prices on the island.  The average car costs 40% more.  Goods on the island are expensive due to this law.  An 8 ounce bottle of Betadine goes for almost $13, and in the USA it's under $9.  Then an 11.5% tax, which would be paid on the expensive bottle of Betadine,  is crippling the island financially. 

Jobs are gone because of the decision, in 2006, to withdraw many of the industries benefiting of the tax breaks they were afforded to operate on the island.  Many homes, particularly in the interior, are in bad shape.  They need to rebuild, but basic goods to do so are astronomically high.

Puerto Rico has industry that currently makes bags of saline, and medications, for hospitals in the USA.  Surgeries are having to be selected in priority status, and medications are having to be given in a way that may, or may not, be given to the patient in that route.

Puerto Rico needs help!!!

People do not trust the drinking water, and are relegated to purchasing water to feel safe.  The cases of water are more expensive than they were.  Many people spend the day going to, and coming from, getting water.  Others, who still have a job, have to depend on the graciousness of family for their water supply.  

Please release the noose on Puerto Rico's neck!!

They will NEVER be able to pay back the debt!!

Yes, Puerto Rico will benefit from major assistance from the government, but they will need to create a program to oversee the recovery on the island.  

Sadly there is a lot of corruption, and the island's government needs to be monitored for all assistance to be distributed evenly.  

Let's get the infrastructure taken care of so when another hurricane hits the island is well prepared!



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