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Legislate over Gun control laws. Today.

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Enough is enough. It's time to legislate over gun control. 


This is important because time and time again we hear, read or see first hand how guns can destroy peoples' lives. Today we saw it destroy the lives of elementary school children-- probably the most disgusting thing that could happen. 

We have all cried and mourned, will continue to, but we can't wait until next week to make change! Enough is enough! The right to bear arms is one thing. Your right to bear automatic rifles, purchase as much ammo as you choose, and then walk into a school and kill people is not a right. 

Legislation needs to happen immediately. While I will support our president, he needs to recognize the importance of now. Countries all of the world have gun control laws and have fractions of the shootings that we do here in the United States. 


Today is the day. Let's stand together to do this. You don't need to donate money. You don't need to make a phone call. You don't need to scream at people. You just need to sign this petition to get the wheels in motion. 


But your signature -- numbers-- speak much louder than my words. 

I impore you all to please sign this. It's the first step of a long process. 

Thank you for your support, and I know all of our hearts go out to not only the victims of the Newtown shooting, but also of every shooting. 

Let's make a change!

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