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Create a national day to clean up America


Seven years ago, my family visited Australia. We were stunned at how clean and litter-free the city of Sydney was. My husband stopped an Aussie while walking in downtown and asked how it was that such a big city could be so clean. The man replied that litter had been a big problem in Australia until the government proclaimed a day of clean up. That day workers were excused from their jobs and children were excused from school to pick up trash that littered their country, he said. Since that time, the man said, people have taken pride in their country and littering has become a rare occurrence. He said that if someone litters, chances are another person will pick up the trash and give it back to the litterer stating, "You must have dropped this." Keep America Clean Day is something simple for the government to proclaim. Businesses, organizations, and citizens can then take action to clean up the litter that is polluting our country. If we do not take action soon, I am afraid America the Beautiful will be no more. 

At this time, many great organizations, including Keep America Beautiful, Earth Day Network, and LitterProject, are working hard to clean up America.  Unfortunately, their efforts are not widespread enough to get the job done.  We need every able man, woman, and child in America to take part in this endeavor. 

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