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The united states government is sentencing thousands of children and families to banishment, isolation and eventual homelessness.

When any state or federal government allows the enactment of any law, applied retroactively there are countless victims via collateral damage.



An 19 year old boy has a girl friend who is 14 years old. They have known eachother for many years and are in love. After going together for months, they decide to experiment and have sex with each other. It is the first time to have sex for both of them. The girl tells her best friend, and eventually the parents find out. The boy is arrested and given 1 year probation. In 2 years, the girl turns 16 and they are married.


Alberto Gonzales, the then Attorney General under George Bush makes the Federal Adam Walsh Act applied Retroactively.

This is a direct violation of the ban on Retroactive lawmaking.


No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.

Back to the boy and his wife.


Living in Louisiana, (Which also bans retroative lawmaking in thier constitution, but enact retroactive laws anyways) the couple now have been married for over 2 decades. They have grand children, they have 2 teenage children and a 2 year old. Everyone in their community knows and trusts and loves them and they have a great business going.

Then there is a knock at the door. Two Ouachita Parish Sheriff department officers are outside. The man answerers the door and the officers ask him to identify himself. He does and is arrested for FAILURE TO REGISTER AS A SEX OFFENDER.

He was given no notification to register. He had no idea he had to register. He is thrown in jail, taken to court and sentenced to 25 years for failure to register as a sexual offender. He is branded a sexual predator as his VICTIM was a child.

If he ever gets out of prison, he will be a lifetime registered sex offender.

His family cannot maintain their previous lifestyle as the main breadwinner of the family is now in prison, a sex offender.

His wife had to go on welfare and get food stamps and Medicaid for all their children. They had to move from where they lived because of all the News Stories and Broadcasts on Television about the Monster who lived right there in their midsts.

This once productive, loving family is now destitute, banished from society, friendless and soon to be possibly homeless due to the federal and state government violating constitution, going above the law and enacting retroactive application of the Sex Offender Registration Laws.

You think this is a farcical story.. I assure you this is happening every day, in thousands of cities all across the Unjust and Ungodly nation of North America.

Citizens for Legislative Change, America


Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
Stop the violenence. Stop the abuse of the American Families. Stop the abuse of the children of our nation.

The retroacive laws are not only unconstitutional, but also they are a disgrace to the american people.

We pride ourselves on being a nation which fights for truth, honesty, justice and freedom. But with our lawmaking, in efforts to gain political position, power and money, lawmakers have and continue to enact laws which not only harm the American people, drive families into homelessness and violate the constitution but also cost the tax payers MILLIONS of dollars to supervise people who by their very lives in the community have shown they are NO THREAT TO ANYONE.
The sex offender registries are so saturated with the label of Level 3 Dangerous Sex Offenders, that law enforcement cannot ever dream of even coming close to being able to monitor those who are ACTUALLY DANGEROUS. These people have been placed into the most dangerous category simply because of charge at conviction. No board of professionals or court has examined the cases to determine the dangerousness of the ex offender.
Children and men who have committed no crime for decades are labeled level 3, the most dangerous.. to be registered and monitored for the rest of their lives.

I humbly submit that you, the lawmakers resolve this issue. Honor our constitution and strike down all federal and state laws applied retroactively targeting those whom now wear the banishing label, SEX OFFENDER.

Thank you. Citizens for Legislative Change, America

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