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Respect and Honor Nationhood of Indigenous Red Nations and Peoples

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International Freedom for Indigenous Red Nations and Peoples
“Indigenous Declaration of Independence, Part 1 of 4”
Ward: incompetent, needs representation; unable to function on own

Allow prosperity, happiness, and wellness to those escaping reality by gambling, smoking marijuana, drinking alcohol, using prescription or hard drugs so that they will contribute to their community’s health and well-being and enhance their own humanness.
Prevent government from injecting fluoride, chlorine bleach, chloride, and all toxins into drinking water system. Tap water, when spilling into lakes and rivers today, causes FISH KILLS – therefore is harmful to children who drink this same tap water.
All Black, White, Yellow, and Brown people of the world must respect and honor indigenous Red “Indian/First Nation” nationhood – to view Red Nations AS NATIONS, with all the qualifications of nationhood – a language, culture, and land base. Smaller, “weaker” nations of the world have seats in the United Nations (UN) in New York such as Vatican City, Lichtenstein, Monaco, and Luxemburg. Denying this basic human right to Red Nations also devalues the worth of those who deny. If some cannot respect others, then they cannot respect themselves.
The Black, White, Yellow, and Brown must also assist indigenous Red Nations with self-sufficiency efforts and their struggle for independence.
“Indians don’t live off the government – the government lives off the Indian” Ward No More
America and Canada continue to be filthy rich and enormously wealthy DAILY from the profits pilfered from stolen indigenous Treaty Resources. Trillions of dollars in WATER, GOLD, TIMBER, COAL, and other minerals and resource is spirited off and away from Treaty Lands – without a penny paid, offered, or given to the indigenous Treaty and aboriginal owners. American cities, farmers, ranchers, and “land owners” continue each minute, each hour, each day, to profit off of Treaty Resources and Lands.
Theft and reparations damage payments must be initiated and appropriate compensation afforded to the Treaty Nations and Peoples.
To sign this document, the signatory must fully understand and recognizes IN THEIR HEART – and agree in totality with – the purpose and resolution of this most important document.


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