Accountability for Sara & Sam Schwerin violating Federal Law in Bob Marshall Wilderness

I sign because I love this land. I’m a 5th generation Montana outdoors person. My grandfather was in the Conservation Service once he returned from the war, finished his degree at MSU, and was hired out of the Stanford office. ‘The Bob’ was part of his territory for awhile. I read letters between he & other conservation service agents talking about the wonder of the wildlife & rugged beauty that is The Bob Marshal. These men loved this land, they fought many a battle to keep this land what it is today—for all of us to enjoy and keep one blessed little piece of MT wild. Our wonderful state, and my hometown of Bozeman has been especially hit hard by this very kind of attitude. This is NOT the attitude of Montanans. We do not take for ourselves without regard to the next person. These are NOT the values I was raised with. My grandfather would just shake his head in disappointment. What’s worse is Sam’s arrogant response to the horsemen, who were using the area as it should be used. This couple’s arrogance and complete disregard for Montana’s good people & an incredibly precious resource such as this, should be punished. This is entitlement at it’s finest. Sadly for Bozemanites, we are becoming like frogs in the pot, and we are becoming used to this kind of thing happening all around us in the Gallatin Valley, and the attitude is becoming very usual. But the rest of Montana sees this more clearly for exactly what it is; blatant disregard for us, the citizens of this state, and for our precious resources. Please, hold them accountable for taking in a dishonest way what isn’t for the taking, and for their expecting special treatment because of their privilege. The arrogant attitude needs to be taken into account. They need to be banned from such a special place as ‘The Bob’ is. Enough is enough. Poachers licenses are taken away for breaking the rules. They were poaching and it is clear that action must be taken. Our daughter and her 4 H pack horse group have made multiple trips to the Bob. What kind of example are we setting for our young future caretakers of this land if appropriate action isn’t taken and punishment given for such entitled behavior as this? Please do the right thing by all of us regular, every day Montanans who follow the rules because we love the land every bit as much as we love ourselves and who act accordingly.

Holly Rainey, Bozeman, MT, United States
1 year ago
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