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Put Ringling Bros. Tigers in a sanctuary - not a German circus!

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The tigers in the Ringling Bros. Circus have not been properly cared for and have been abused by their caretakers. Circus animals in the past have been sent to sanctuaries when the circus closes. However, Ringling Bros. is sending their 8 tigers to a German circus where the lack of care and freedom will continue.

As an avid animal lover and a person who wants this great species to continue, I want to help ease these tigers' suffering. By helping them, we can make a better tomorrow and teach those around us how important compassion and kindess & how we can apply it to the world around us - even circus animals.

These poor animals have been entertaining people for years while being miserable. I hope that the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service will refuse the permit to Ringling Bros. that will make the transportation of the tigers to Germany possible.

It's time these tigers were allowed to be treated properly and run around in freedom they should've had years ago. Don't you agree?



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