Help Save Nebraska's Remaining Trails!!

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175 years ago, the Oregon Trail allowed thousands of westward bound emigrants to find a new life in Oregon, California, and Utah Territory. This journey was difficult. These people walked over 2,000 miles in the span of four to six months. From the early 1840s until the 1860s, this was the road to the west. 

Now in 2018, of the 2,000 miles of trail, there are less than 150 miles left. 

Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) is proposing to construct large, steel powerlines at the sites of the Oregon-California Trail and Mormon Trail in the Sutherland, Nebraska area. The ruts and swales near Sutherland are some of the best remaining sites in Nebraska, with the braided ruts on the Mormon Trail being the only remaining remenants of the Mormon Trail in Nebraska. 

In addition to the damages to these irreplaceable, historical sites, damages also include the habitats of the endangered burying beetle, whooping cranes, and bald eagles; destruction to Birdwood Creek - a pristine Sandhills location historically used by Native American tribes; and irreversible damage to the Nebraska Sandhills.

Help us convince NPPD not to construct their powerlines here, but consider alternative routes that saves these sites - before they are gone forever.