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U.S. Federal Government: Raise the minimum wage and adjust it regularly

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When Mitt Romney was 16 years old in 1963, the minimum wage was equivalent to $9.19/hour (in 2011) dollars. The median price of a new home was about $17,000. That means a 16-year-old Mitt Romney could have struck out on his own and gotten a 30-year mortgage on a new home at the *median* sales price based on... his minimum-wage job. That's income security.

By the time Obama was 16 years old (in 1977), that income security was gone and it hasn't come back.

Consider that the folks at the top of the income ladder think a 3% raise is modest.  If we had even a 3% raise on the minimum wage, that would put an extra $20 bill in the pocket of full-time minimum wage earners each month.  The CEOs and the like can pay themselves more and more each year because the folks at the bottom of the ladder are earning less and less because the minimum wage isn't regularly adjusted.

It's not about finding fault with people for getting rich -- when they obey the law. It's about finding fault with the law and changing the law. We can and should change this law.

Here's a little video I made that makes the argument above and includes references:

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