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Eshchar is my niece. She is disabled and is dependent on 24 hours of special care . She planned a visit to the USA and she took care of all the necessary steps to make sure that everything will work out. She went to the U.S Embassy 5 months ago and received a visa for herself. She processed a request for her helper at the same time. She was told that she meet the criteria to get her visa but there is a different procedure for her foreign worker to recieve it.  She would need to come back a week before the trip to receive it. With tickets ready and everything planned she went back to the embassy, but they told her that the law was changed. They fear that this employee may not return with her back to Israel. My niece is frustrated since her worker helps her in her every day basic functions. I plead with anyone who can help to act against this discrimination of human right.

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Open letter to United Nations from Eshchar:

Violation of the rights of people with disabilities disability discrimination

I address you personally hopping you be kind to assist me to solve an unjust situation I was driven into.

I am a 26 years old handicapped female.
Since infancy I have a rare muscular disease. As a result of this medical problem I am confined to a wheelchair and I depend on others around the clock to perform all common daily activities.

Since childhood I have had foreign-workers to assist my around the clock with the daily tasks.
For the last five years I have a foreign-worker lady from the Philippines, named Jeanette.

All my life I have struggled to conduct a regular life. Thus I attended regular elementary and high-schools. At the age of 18 I volunteered to serve in the Israeli army. For the last years I am a mechanical-engineering student at the the Technion (the Israeli MIT).

Four years ago, after completing my military service (indeed my body is weak but I have a good brain) I started planning the dream of my life: A long trip to the USA. The planing of the trip was a very challenging task, because a disabled person has to take into considerations many factors that a regular person is free of. The target date was set to Dec 14, 2012.

Half a year ago I arrived with Jeanette at the US embassy in Israel to apply for a visa for her ( I already have a visa). Jennet met all visa requirements and we were told that fact that she traveled to the Philippines and back during her five years work with me was ample proof of her loyalty to me. Therefore, the visa officer explained that she will be able to accompany me on my trip to the USA. Due to technical limitations of the computerized visa-system, we were told that Jeannet, being a foreign-worker, will be issued a visa only one week prior to the departure date.

A short time before the target date we arrived at the US embassy at Tel-Aviv and were astonished to hear that the rules have changed. The new rule requires me to travel with my foreign-worker to another country and come back - at least once before Jeanette will be able to get a visa to the USA. This is to prove that the foreign-worker will not abandon me and try to stay at the foreign country and look there for work.

I feel that this new rule violates my personal-rights, by putting me in an inferior position compared to other people which are not disabled. Jeanette is practically my arms and legs, and I am being asked to perform an extra trip abroad, just to be able to take my arms and legs with me to the USA.

We disabled people have to face so many challenges in our daily life, I would have expected more consideration due to our condition, and not to be faced by regulations which make our life more miserable.

I am aware of the claim that foreign-worker tend to leave their employees with the hope of finding a better work in the USA. In my case this risk is close to zero due to the fact that Jeanette is with me for the last five years and she is practically a member of the family.

I truly believe that the USA legislator did not have any intension of harming or discriminating disabled people. But the actual situation resulted in a scenario were my basic rights are deprived. Therefore, I do employ you to do any possible effort to make my trip to the USA with my foreign-worker Jeanette a reality. My request is to consider my situation with a more humane view rather than with a "regulations" view.

Eshchar Yaary,


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