Beauty Industry Demands Relief SBA/PPP

0 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000! will try to collect money from you after you sign this petition. We are not asking you for any money, as it does not go into a relief fund.

The beauty industry has been forgotten! Sign this now for equal rights to SBA/PPP Funding. Small independently owned businesses like ours and yours HAVE NOT been fairly evaluated and in fact completely ignored in receiving aid through the CARES Act. SBA/PPP provided relief to large business franchises like Ruth Chris Steak house ($20 Million.)

Hairstylists have not received PUA/EDD, PPP or EIDL loans that were vocalized to help us; independent contractors and small businesses, left to fend for ourselves while large businesses continue to receive endless bailouts!

In CA alone we make up 620,000+ licensed cosmetologists that are currently suffering financially with no fault to ours due to Congress, U.S. Treasury dept., SBA and your banks ulterior motives. 

Our freedoms have been revoked for the safety and health of our country. We pay taxes, we are amongst some of the hardest working American's and we should not financially suffer or be ruined by being over-looked by Congress, in which ALL of them visit their stylists regularly.

We demand equality in SBA/PPP funding rights and will not accept silence or allow this to be swept under the rug while others benefit!