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We do not consent, stop spraying our skies with Chemtrails

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For the past 4 years living in Rio Rancho, New Mexico I have noticed our skies changing. I can see almost 10 planes in the sky at the same time spraying our skies with Chemtrails. We are told they are seeding the clouds and that is a lie. Yes we know they can do but that is not what they use it for. If that was the case why didn't they seed the clouds in Cali for all the fires and the fact that they spray all day and night long and it has not rained here in Rio Rancho for a while now. We want to know the truth, what are you spraying us with and why. We do not consent to you spraying our skies. You can do some some research for yourself and see what they are doing to us. There is a video proof on YouTube but nothing has been done. We need to be heard and this need to stop now. They keep bombarding us with Hollywood crap that does not matter. This is what matters this is what is making people sick and they will kill us slowly. This is not a joke, all you have to do is look up at the sky. People are busy looking at their phones and not looking up. Take you phones and start taking videos and pictures and stock them up so when we get a chance to make our voices heard we will have thousands and maybe more videos and pictures.

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