KCC Should Start Processing Cases Based On Case Numbers to #SaveDiversityVisa

KCC Should Start Processing Cases Based On Case Numbers to #SaveDiversityVisa

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Dear Morgan Miles and KCC contractors, you are working in wrong way! Mr. Miles, if you don't want to be sued again, please pay attention!

For the first time until Fiscal Year 2022, KCC has started to request documents and documentarily qualify them based on DS-260 submission dates by neglecting case numbers. We will explain you the situation in a basic manner.


1) Case Number = 2022EU00000111 (sample)

DS-260 Submission Date = 07/10/2021

Documents Requested & Qualified by KCC = NO

2) Case Number = 2022EU00033333 (sample)

DS-260 Submission Date = 05/10/2021

Documents Requested & Qualified by KCC = YES

No one would ever knew that KCC will work differently compared the previous fiscal years. KCC also states in their written mails, interviews are scheduled numerically based on case numbers that have completed processing. But due to KCC's wrong approach, even very low case numbers that should already be interviewed are still waiting for document requests! What is going to happen when the visa bulletin becomes all current? Does it make sense to slow the process by processing a high case number that will wait for months to be current in the visa bulletin? 

We are aware that KCC is understaffed and the contractors are working from home. Therefore, to fasten KCC, Akima should complete the hirings and LDRM should accept the contractors' demands as soon as possible.

And KCC, again, you should start to process cases based on case numbers, not DS-260 submission dates. Please take action and start to work in a right way immediately!

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