Robert Malley should not be appointed as "Special Envoy on Iran."

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Dear President Biden,

It has been brought to our attention that Mr. Robert Malley is under consideration as the "Special Envoy on Iran." As a democratic opposition group the "MA HASTIM National Movement" wants to raise our concern regarding this possible selection. We have witnessed that during both Former President's Clinton and Obama Mr. Malley was more a sympathizer of the Iranian clerical regime and had no relations with the Iranian democratic opposition group, rather with the Iranian regime's lobby groups.The Islamic Republic has clearly shown during the past 42 years that it cannot be trusted and not capable of reform. Hangings have now become a weekly maybe even a daily routine. Just today another young athlete "Mehdi Ali Hosseini" was hung. Our prisons have been overflowing with political dissidents and these individuals are tortured, maimed,raped... in prison regularly. Corruption of the ruling clerics and their cohorts is known internationally and needs no review. By diplomacy and appeasement your administration will only empower the terrorist regime in Iran where by standing with the people of Iran and recognizing their quest for freedom, secularism and respect for human rights you will empower them to attain their goal.

We strongly feel that a more objective individual who does not take sides, respects human rights and acts on the wishes of the Iranians inside and is also open to sit and have a dialogue with the democratic opposition groups in the U.S. would be a much better choice.