Justice for Pedestrians stricter laws for distracted drivers

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I lost my child due to a distracted driver. The officer told me there was no ticket for distracted driving, the driver that hit my daughter had a five page driving record and 12 days after he hit and killed my daughter he was in another accident. He was never tested for anything. No tickets no repercussions nothing.

Another mother I know lost her daughter and it was quite obvious he was distracted, he hit and killed her daughter in a town with all the street lights on. He was a CDL driver and was never tested for anything. He too got no tickets no repercussions. He to didn't lose his license or get his CDL reduced. So let's get this signed at the very least they should lose their license. The picture with this is of one of the girls. Let's pull together to make this happen. Let's prevent this from happening anymore.