Slow Down Climate Change Now

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If you respect and care about the planet that provides us with all of our needs- oxygen, water, food- please just take one minute to fill out this petition and create an impact along with us.

Mother Earth had- as has- always been an essential to us. We need her. She does not need us. Without humans, the streams will still flow, the trees will still grow. Everything will still be the same- perhaps even better. But without Earth, how will we survive? We simply can’t. She provides us with the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe in. When earth falters, we falter. When earth thrives, we thrive. This is why we are creating this petition. We must prevent the issue of climate change, as it is a larger issue than any of us think it is.

After helping us with so many things, us humans, instead backlash against earth; by cutting down trees, creating waste, producing toxic gases, over-hunting animals, and so much more.

One of the major issues that we are going through right now is climate change.

Climate change does not only consist of global warming. A number of issues- endangered species, human expansion, human activities, air pollution, rainforest/habitat destruction, acid rain, soil pollution, and water pollution- all play a role in climate change, as it gradually worsens each year.

While the human race is expanding, we must also take earth and the environment into consideration. Earth can only provide us with so many materials. We use the materials faster than the Earth can replenish them. As the human population increases, we must make space for them, by cutting down trees, and as a result, destroying habitats of other animals. The cause of why there are so many endangered species is because of habitat destruction.

As the human race continues to grow, industrialization, mass production, and factories all become a necessity in order for us to fulfill everybody’s needs. However, factories all cause air pollution- they release what are known as “greenhouse gases” into the atmosphere. These gases include carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, water vapor, and methane.

When light from the sun enters the Earth’s atmosphere, some of the rays get absorbed while others get reflected back into space. This creates a peaceful balance between the heat that enters and the heat that leaves. However, all of the gases that were mentioned before all trap heat, which create a blanket effect, thus contributing to climate change. More heat is trapped than needed. Air pollution/climate change also contributes to acid rain. When water gets mixed with nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides, acid rain gets produced. When the acid rain gets into the soil, it reduces the calcium levels in the soil, which is essential to help plants grow. It also exposes aluminum in the soil, which does not only harm plants, but also gets washed into streams, rivers, and lakes, thus harming the ecosystem in the water.

All of those problems that were all mentioned before all are tied in with the issue of climate change.

Thankfully, we can help prevent and reduce climate change by:

- lessen the use of cars

- raising even more awareness

- to recycle trash, so landfills won’t be as filled

- try to not eat too much food that has a big carbon footprint

- try not to waste food

- carpooling more often

-replacing non-renewable energy sources (fossil fuels) with renewable energy sources (wind power/solar energy)

-planting more trees

- donating small amounts of money to conservations once in a while

-simply using the search engine more often (they plant a tree for every 48 searches/every 1.7 seconds)

If you respect and care about the planet that provides us with all of our needs- oxygen, water, food- please just take one minute to fill out this petition and create an impact along with us. Remember- Mother Nature does not need us; we need Mother Nature.


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