Help to bring my Mom to U.S. to see her Grandchildren!

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My name is Cristiane Kopper, I am 41 years old and I live in Hillsborough, NC. My husband and I have lived in the United States for 11 years, and since then we have pursued higher education, gotten jobs and our green cards as well.
We have 3 children, Daniel (2.5 years old) and our twins Amanda and Gabriella (6 months old). We have attempted to obtain a tourist visa for my mother on 3 separate occasions, all of which were denied. My mother, Nair Conde Pinto (Brazilian citizen) is 77 years old and I am her only child.
My mom lives in a small town called Bage, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, where she is the caregiver to an older sister who has a heart condition. She also volunteers in the Animal Protection Society of her town. Nair takes care of 12 cats that she owns and her house serves as a temporary home for abandoned cats. Nair has a house in Porto Alegre, which is in the process of inventory and legal partition of succession.
My husband and I both work at Duke University. My husband is an Assistant Research Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, and Computer Science. I am a certified Research Administrator at Duke University School of Medicine Finance Office.
We have collected letters of support from our supervisors and attached different types of documents to my mother's visa applications in order to prove that she will not immigrate to the United States. However, those documents were never reviewed. We were with my mother for two of her interviews and those supporting documents were completely ignored.
We would like for my mother to come visit us since it is difficult traveling internationally with three young children under the age of 3. In addition, my mom is losing sight in one of her eyes due to Glaucoma and we would like for her to see a specialist at Duke Eye Center. We were never able to explain that to the Consulate Officer.
My husband and I would like to reinforce that we would never put our jobs in jeopardy to keep someone illegally in the United States. I have a background in law and we are fully aware of the consequences of such act, we simply wish for her to attend our twins’ 1st birthday in August 2018.
I’m an only child. My father passed away 10 years ago. I keep asking myself, why is my mother not allowed to come for a simple family visit, when we are willing to prove that she would never stay here? We are simply requesting a one-month tourist visa.
Nair is 77 years old and may not be able to travel in the future. She would love to celebrate her granddaughters' first birthday, especially since she missed our son Daniel’s birthday.
We are not asking for a permanent residence, we are only requesting a one-month tourist visa. My mother was unable to attend my Master's degree graduation, the birth of my children, and every other special occasion we have celebrated. Meeting her abroad, whether in Brazil or Mexico, is becoming more difficult due to our large family size and very young children.
In sum, every mom dreams of seeing her daughter’s home, her grandchildren’s bedrooms, and to be able to participate in family celebrations. My mom has never had a chance to do this. I hope you can help us on this journey to bring her to the United States, a country that has always been so welcoming to my husband and I.
Please sign my petition and share it on social media with #bringmymomtoseehergrandkids. This means so much to our family. Thank you so much for your support.