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Demanding the Release Of Samvel Babayan And the other political prisoners.

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To: U.S Department Of State Office Of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. 

We The undersigned Armenian Americans and Friends ask for action from Our Department of State Of these United States office of the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, To Demand the Immediate Release of Political Prisoner Samvel Babayan, And the Others held and unlawfully incarcerated on falls and baseless charges stemming from Samvel Babayan’s support of Democracy, Freedom, political and civil rights of the People of Republic of Armenia. We ask the Admirable and Honorable Office Of the Dep Of State Of these United States To take full notice that Samvel Babayan Shares the  Same Democratic And Constitutional Values which We Americans hold Dear and Sacred, The actions of the Self Proclaimed government of the Republic of Armenia only carry the characteristics of Foreign Criminal Insurgency Violating All Principles of Internationally Recognized Structures and institutions Of Democracy And Freedoms fully Supported and Recognized by The United States as the Standards which Must Not be violated.

In Addition We Ask The U.S Department Of State To Strongly Condemn The Use Of Disproportionate Military Weapons against the peaceful Demonstrators, And To order The Arrest and prosecution Of All Parties Involved in The killings of March1, 2008 We the Armenians of the World Are Convinced that the War Crimes against our people were implemented by the Russian Federation's Criminal insurgency in Armenia fraudulently declaring itself the Government of Armenia, and We accuse the Russian Federation of these Crimes Against Humanity, Against Our People. And for the Crimes against the People Of Armenia in 2016. We Recall A similar Dictatorship Of Maummar Gaddafi of Libya , who was condemned by : Senate Resolution 317, And Executed For His Crimes, Dear Mr Secretary, The crimes of the Robert Kocharyan, And Serj Sargsyan Government of Armenia far Surpass the Crimes of Maummar Gaddafi, in their similarities of the use of military weapons against their own people, We believe that the Culture, Upbringing, And The Moral Ground on which this Administration Of The United States stands on,  Will Not tolerate this Murder of an entire Nation,  Our One and Only, Republic Of Armenia. And We ask that the Department of State of these United States Order All mining in Armenia To STOP, all foreign Corporations currently operate under the umbrella of , Foreign Corrupt Practices Act U.S Congress, Namely, Lydia International. The Above Statements and Accusations Can Be supported With Overwhelming evidence and we will provide the list of the Major offenders of these crimes against the People, and their Violations of All human Rights. Upon Request  by U.S Department of State, We Await your Timely Response And Have full confidence in the wisdom which this Secretary is blessed with,  God Bless You, God Bless Our One and Only Republic of Armenia , And our Home Away from Home , Our ones again Great, The United States Of America.   

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