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U.S. Department of Labor: Raise minimum wage for tipped employees where it is still $2.13 an hour!

It is so important to raise tipped employees wages where it is still 2.13 because it has not been raised in over 20 years and if 2.13 hr employee claim 10% of sales, paychecks are either 1.83 (that's right folks one dollar and 83 cents) or completely null and void! If the tipped employee claimed 15 or 20 percent, they would end up HAVING A BILL INSTEAD OF A CHECK. Tipped Servers making 2.13 an hour need more hourly not only for this reason as well as others, like the fact that we are not only waiting on tables, (serving ) we are also stocking and cleaning and really doing work that should be saved for people at least getting paid hourly non tipped minimum wage. Servers who get tipped should have a foundation (paycheck) to rely on or at least be able to claim more tips! I am outraged that in 20 years the minimum wage for tipped servers has stayed the same while the price of a loaf of bread is 4 times the price!

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