Transfer my whistleblower brother for his own safety. His life is in danger.

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Transfer my whistleblower brother for his own safety. His life is in danger.

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windy Hempstead started this petition to U.S. Department of Justice and

On June 23rd,  2012 my brother, along with several others, witnessed the torture and murder of a fellow inmate at the hands of prison guards at Dade Correctional Institution.  The only way we can assure his safety is if he is transferred to a federal prison, outside of the jurisdiction of the Florida state prison system. The Dept of Corrections has threatened to move him to a  prison out of state, but if that happens we will never see him.  We are asking the justice department to grant my brother a protective transfer to a federal prison IN STATE so that we can continue to visit him, even while he is behind bars. 

My name is Windy Hempstead and I am trying  to guarantee my brother, Harold Hempstead the gift of never having to watch over his shoulder. My brother is in prison for burglaries. In 2012 he witnessed and reported the horrific murder of a 50 year-old mentally disabled prisoner named Darren Rainey at the hands of several corrections officers. He and I contacted authorities At the Miami Dade Police Department and the Miami Medical Examiners office and reported that he saw Darren Rainey locked in a scalding shower for an hour. He told of hearing his howling pleas for mercy until finally the howls stopped.  When guards finally went to check on him they found his lifeless body on the floor, his skin separated from his body.

Harold knew he had just witnessed a murder and filed almost 90 grievances with the department of corrections,we both contacted the Miami Dade police Dept and The Miami coroners office but when they went unanswered  my brother wanted justice No 1 should torture,kill and walk free.My brother was  was living life being threatened of being abused and watching over his shoulder thinking which guard was going to actually get him. He asked me to contact the Miami Herald about 1 1/2 years later in hopes of finding justice for Mr. Rainey’s murder.  

Harold did a courageous thing. He risked his life to help find justice for someone who can’t speak for himself. Nobody  should have to deal with living in fear of retaliation, looking over your shoulder, wondering if and when and which guards will come after them. Nor should we his family have to suffer because of his good deed. My mother is 70 and physically and mentally ill. She shouldn't have to worry every day of her life if what shes seeing on the news and reading in papers is true or not true (reports about all of the suspicious deaths of inmates by staff and/or prison guards) His children shouldn't have to worry if they ever will get to see him again.We are asking The Justice Dept. to concider what my brother did and the hardships of his family and  grant him a transfer within the state of Florida to a federal prison so his families will stop worrying .Please join me in asking the Dept. of Justice to take custody of my brother and place him in a Florida based Federal prison.

After reading a recent news article The Miami Herald wrote and seeing the response it had from people all over the world there are people who want my brother free.I have fought my brothers illegal,unfair and unjust sentence for 15 years!It appears people want to help fight with me now so if you read the article below and beleive my brother should be free please 

 call Florida state Senator Greg Evers, who led the Senate discussions on prison reform, and ask him to ask Governor Rick Scott to set my brother Harold Hempstead D.C#268866(my brothers inmate number)free, then call the Governor himself and ask him to set my brother free !! We believe if enough people call, they may just might help my brother!!

Governor Rick Scott
(850) 488-7146

Senator Greg Evers
(850) 595-0213 District Office
(850) 564-1026 Satellite Office
(850) 487-5002 Tallahassee Office; Senate VOIP 5002

if you do decide to call Senator Evers and Governor Scott (both have to be called), please email me at my personal email -  or stating the date and approximate time you spoke with their offices, and what you asked and why you asked. I am asking for this because your emails to me about these communications can be used after both men leave office, if Governor Scott and Senator Evers does not want to help my brother or if we should find an attorney that will help my brother.The Miami Heralds news article is below.Please Read it




Inmates death a set up???

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This petition had 52,017 supporters