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windy Hempstead
Brooksville, FL, United States

May 5, 2015 — Hi I am so sorry I haven't had time to post an update as alot of things has been going on.We have continued with our fight for justice for Darren Rainey and because of this alot of people here in Florida are fighting this same battle!My petition stated my brother was housed with 2 staff members that he was not legally able to be housed with.This is great news those 2 staff members are no longer at his facility and I beleive it is because of all of you.Thankyou so much for helping my brother!He is currently being housed within The florida Department prison system and is now under protective custody and this institution has been very nice to him and very cooperative with me but due to the fact more and more cases of abuse have been found at various prisons throughout all of Florida all because of my brothers courage to come forward and The Miami Heralds investigative work I still beleive my baby brother still needs to be transferred to a Federal prison within the state of Florida so we have to continue this battle.If he is not transferred to a Federal prison there is no guarantee he will be safe in the future! on June 23 it will be 3 years that Darren Rainey died and to date there has been no arrest! We do have a huge supporter that actually worked at the prison (as a Psycotherapist) where Darren Rainey was killed that has been actively fighting for my brothers safety and justice for Darren Rainey!He wants this story to go nation wide and I beleive that this may be the only way that justice will happen!Below is a letter from him!

Hi Windy,

Great talking to you! Thanks for posting this to Harold's update:

A Plea For Help From George Mallinckrodt

Sadly, I have to report that Senate Prison Reform Bill 7020 died on the session floor when House members adjourned for the legislative session three days early. A big Thank You to all who worked tirelessly to encourage lawmakers to pass this much needed legislation. Please check my blog for details: http://georgemallinckrodt.blogspot(dot)com/2015/04/senate-prison-reform-bill-7020-is-dead.html

The fight for prison reform is far from over. Darren Rainey's story must go national. I need your help to fund
my efforts in getting the word out regarding the wide-spread prison brutality issue. I've started a GoFundMe campaign to help make this a reality. Please click on for details regarding my strategy. Any donation will help. Thanks in advance for your generosity.

June 23rd will mark three years since Darren Rainey was scalded to death by guards. Stop Prison Abuse Now (SPAN on Facebook - please join) is determined to get justice for Darren Rainey. I believe that Darren's story and how Harold Hempstead came forward is perfect for 60 Minutes or other similar news shows. My intent, with your help, is to go to New York to pitch the story to producers.

Again, many thanks to all who have signed Harold's petition. We will prevail!

George Mallinckrodt

The world is in greater peril from those who tolerate or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.
Albert Einstein

If for any reason the links aren't working please let me know and I will fix that issue! I sincerely beleive that because of his position as a psychotherapist at Dade C.I where this killing took place these major media outlets will listen to him!

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